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Features of domestic CNC Controller

  • Embedded system, with high integration and ease of use.
  • USB high speed interface
  • 128M (Option 256M) Memory, with mobile memory technology, unlimited size file, offline operation
  • U disk interface
  • Capable of memorizing up to 9 user homes
  • Capable of restarting from the point where the machine stops, up to 6 points
  • Compatible with "cnc, plt" file format
  • System is with job-preview, pre-calculation of job machining time
  • Mass production function reduces time and improving efficiency
  • Linear and circular interpolation
  • Automatic tool calibration
  • Soft limit switch increases security for operating machine
  • Intelligent home return ensures high accuracy
  • Software update

Hand-held Keypad

Our user-friendly hand-held keypad are with full function and easy to use.

DSP Controller

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