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LIMAC RP1000 Series plasma cutting machine
LIMAC RP1000 Series plasma cutting machine is made for industrial applications. The machine body is made of single-piece steel by welding, a unique designed by LIMAC designers in China. LIMAC plasma machine is used to cut different types of cold-roll plate, galvanized plate, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, titanium plate and other sheet metal materials. The machine generates high efficiency and reduces production cost.

LIMAC RP1000 series plasma cutting machine utilizes unique design and high-quality plasma generator from USA. The controller, which is co-developed by LIMAC and US partner, plus professional CAM software, Torch height control system, and anti-collision function, makes it ideal solution for dry cutting.

LIMAC RP1000 series CNC plasma features

  • Grid table as standard
  • Gantry made from steel
  • Helical rack and pinions
  • Single-piece steel construction with high rigidity and reliability
  • USA controller with industrial computer case
  • Hypertherm Powermax45 as standard, Powermax65, Powermax85, Powermax105, etc as options (Thermal Dynamics available)
  • Power Requirements: 380V.
  • Electricity consumption: 10kw. (excluding air compressor, fume extractor)
  • Stepper motors as standard can be upgraded to Japan YASKAWA Servo motors
  • Continue working from the last point where machine stops in case of sudden power off
  • Compatible with FastCAM, CAM-DUCT, Pronest, IBE and most CAM software on the market
  • Rack/pinion on X,Y axes; ball screw on Z axis
  • Taiwan linear guide rail, heavy-duty bearing, ball screw from Germany.
  • Two Y axes motors ensure high speed and big power.
  • Perfect for drying cutting

LIMAC RP1000 Series CNC Plasma Specifications






Max. cutting area


1270mm * 1270mm
(4' * 4')

13000mm * 2540mm
(4' * 8')

1600mm * 3048mm
(5' * 10')

2032mm * 3048mm
(6.7' * 10')

z-axis move

300mm (1')

300mm (1')

300mm (1')

300mm (1')

Max. speed

35m/min (117'/min)

35m/min (117'/min)

35m/min (117'/min)

35m/min (117'/min)

(Bigger sizes are available.)


  • Plasma generator
        Hypertherm Powermax45
        Hypertherm Powermax65
        Hypertherm Powermax85
        Hypertherm Powermax105
        Hypertherm Max200
        Hypertherm HSD130
        Hypertherm HPR130XD
        Hypertherm HPR260XD
        Hypertherm HPR400XD
        Hypertherm HPR800XD
        Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster
        Thermal Dynamics Autocut
        Thermal Dynamics Ultracut
  • CAD/CAM software
  • Japan YASKAWA AC Servo motors
  • Fume filter
  • Vision system with camera
  • Air compressor
  • Water table
  • Oxygen/flame cutting head

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