R2000SC cnc router with 3d scanner and digitize probe

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LIMAC R2000SC Series 3D scanner

CNC Router is used for engraving all kinds of complicated and beautiful solid items and crafts, but currently the 3D software can only produce simple or common designs. A large quantity of beautiful and complicated handcrafted cannot be created by design software manually because of the difficulty, so 3D scanner is developed to automate 3D drawing making process.
LIMAC 3D scanner is an effective 3D scanner copying machine by saving more than 90% time of creating complicated designs on software and saves your cost of labor and time. Our 3D scanner has proven to be very useful in a wide range of industries: stone, wood, foam, architecture, mould and tooling.

First use LIMAC 3D scanner to scan the sample shown on the left, and the sample will be automatically be transformed into a identical drawing in software.

Complicated Sample

Now the 3D scanner is scanning the above sample, and dimensional data is created in software.

3D Scanning & Data Scanning

Digital Model

Digital Model

Scannning finished

Scanning finished

Then input the G-code file into machine to begin machining


Final product made by cnc router



Touch probe Laser probe

The probe comes packaged with all devices needed for digitizing or tool setting. An instruction sheet is also included for converting between probe and tool setter along with maintenance instructions and Certificate of accuracy.

  • The probe is a 5 way triggered sensor and has a long lasting ruby tip (2 mm, 0.079" diameter).
  • The probe will work with other Controllers that have probe input capabilities.
  • It is Rated to10,000,000 points at 20,000 points per hour .
  • The Probe will allow you to scan 3D surfaces and create machinable 3D .Stl files for part reproduction.
  • Simple, quick conversion from contact probe to tool height setter
  • The tool setter disk is made from hardened and ground, tool steel contact
  • The Probe roundness error is less than 0.025mm
  • The Probe diameter error is less than 0.025mm
  • The Probes repeatability deviation is less than 0.025mm
  • 1.8M O/A Shielded flying cable included
  • Standard touch probe output
  • 10mm or 3/8" holding shank option
  • Interchangeable Stylus, additional tips and extensions available on request.

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