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LIMAC R2000 series CNC Router with one spindle
LIMAC R2000 series cnc router is used for sign making, advertising and woodworking industries, including antique furniture relief carving, wooden crafts, plastics-absorbing light box 3d mold making, aluminum-plastics plate processing, art mural sculpture, stone carving, door and window carving.

LIMAC R2000 CNC Router utilizes latest technology, Italy spindle, and unique controller which is co-developed by LIMAC China and USA partner. The machine automatically registers the contour of any image with the use of an intelligent camera head. The machine options include digitize probe, 3D laser scanner, and knife system. These features ensure high-quality and precise cutting and engraving result, improves productivity, and reduces labor cost.

R2000 Router

LIMAC R2000 Series CNC Router Features

  • T-slot table as standard, vacuum table as option
  • Gantry made of steel
  • Helical rack and pinions
  • Air-cooled high-frequency 2.2kw/3hp spindle as standard; 3kw and 4.5kw as options
  • Power Requirements: 220v/380v
  • Electricity consumption: 4kw (excluding vacuum pump)
  • Stepper motor
  • Continue working from the last point where machine stops in case of sudden power off
  • Compatible with TYPE3, ArtCAM, Castmate, Enroute, MasterCAM, UG, Alphacam, Pro E, and most CAM software on the market
  • Graphics format supported: BMP, TIF, EPS, AI, PLT, IGS, ISO, etc.
  • Rack/pinion on X,Y axes; ball screw on Z axis
  • Taiwan Guide rail, ball screw from Germany
  • Two Y axes motors ensure high speed and big power.

LIMAC R2000 Series CNC Router Specifications







Working area

600mm * 900mm
(2'x 3')

1220mm * 1220mm
(4'x 4')

1220mm * 1800mm
(4'x 6')

1300mm * 2500mm
(4'x 8')

1600mm * 3000mm
(5'x 10')

Gantry height

180mm (7'')

180mm (7'')

180mm (7'')

180mm (7'')

180mm (7'')

Max. speed

30m/min (100'/min)

30m/min (100'/min)

30m/min (100'/min)

30m/min (100'/min)

30m/min (100'/min)

Weight (kg)







  • Spindle
  Air-cooled spindle: from 1.5kw/2hp to 4.5kw/6hp(HSD, Colombo, Elte, Perske, Chinese)
  • CAD/CAM software
  TYPE3, ArtCAM, Castmate, Enroute, MasterCAM, UG, Alphacam, Pro E
  • Air coolant system for metal cutting from Canada
  • Dust collector from China
  2.2kw/3hp, one bag
  3kw//4hp, two bags
  4kw/5hp, two bags
  5.5kw/7hp, two bags
  7.5kw/10hp, four bags
  • Vacuum Pump
  •   Water-ring Vacuum Pump: 5hp, 90CBM/Hr; or 10hp, 180CBM/Hr
      Oil Vacuum Pump: 100CBM/Hr, or 160CBM/Hr, or 250CBM/Hr, 10hp
      Rotary-vane dry pump: 100cbm/hr, 160cbm/hr, 250cbm/hr
      German Becker vacuum pump: 250cbm/hr
    • Vision system for UV print board registration and cutting from USA
    • Knife cutting system from USA
    • Digitize probe
    • Floating ring
    • 3D laser scanner

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